Writing is a skill. Like any other skill, it improves with practice. You can certainly practice entirely on your own, but many people benefit from regular meetings with a writing coach. To this end, CBS students and faculty can arrange to meet with me.

To help you decide whether you want me as a coach, I encourage you to carry out a simple experiment. You can devote 3, 6 or 9 hours to it over a few days or weeks. At the end of each working day, take five minutes to choose one or two things you know well enough to write about the next day. Express them in one true declarative sentence each. These will be your “key sentences”.

Now, decide on a specific time the next day to take 18 or 27 minutes to compose a paragraph around each key sentence. They key sentence will express a knowledge claim, and the rest of the paragraph will support, elaborate or defend it. That is, at the end of each day, you are making a decision to support or elaborate or defend a claim at a specific time, for specific amount of minutes, the next day.

“Writing well” is simply being good at the activity that fills those 18 or 27 minutes, which I call “the writing moment”. My coaching helps you to become better at it.  So, do please take a few moments over the next few days to see whether this way of working appeals to you. I’m not claiming you should do all your writing this way. But it is this sort of writing that I will be talking to you about as your coach.

We can talk about what you are doing when you write. And we can look at the results. Note that the result of a writing moment is always a single paragraph that says one thing you know. So it’s your paragraphs we will be looking at. It’s your ability to compose them that we will be improving.

If you are a member of the CBS community and are interested in coaching, please contact me by phone or email.

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