Seminars & Workshops

Writing Process Reengineering

WPR I, Wednesday, May 30, 12:35 to 15:35. [REGISTER]

WPR II, Friday, June 1, 12:35 to 15:35. [REGISTER]

Over the years, I have helped countless scholars become more productive and more effective writers, while fostering continuous improvement. From day to day, and week to week, you want to work in a way that both clarifies your thinking and improves your style. My seminars provide an introduction to a way of doing this and an overview of the ways I might be of help to you while you’re writing your dissertation and journal articles.

My approach focuses on the composition of individual paragraphs during what I call “writing moments”. A healthy writing process is simply a series of such moments, each of which reliably produces a unit of scholarly prose. Organizing your writing process over a number of weeks, and managing it from day to day, is now, like so many other things, just a matter of planning and execution. I have found that, while most scholars understand this in the case of other work tasks (including their research and teaching activities), it sometimes takes a shift of perspective to think in practical terms about their writing. My seminar will give you the tools you need to establish this perspective and carry it through.



Self-organized Writing Groups

All researchers at CBS are welcome to contact me if they would like to meet on a regular basis to discuss their writing. The most useful model is for 2-4 scholars to agree on a meeting schedule that I’ll then try my best to accommodate. The meetings will focus on the issues that the participants want to discuss, of course, but I will normally suggest that we spend at least some of the time editing paragraphs together. Contact me by phone or email to make arrangements.