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Turning Point Cloud

TurningPoint Cloud is a software that offers interactivity with your students during your lecture.


How TurningPoint Cloud works

Live Classroom Interaction

Activate you students by posing interactive questions.

Live Multiple-Choice Polls

Create multiple choice polls that can be posted and answered live in class.

Students answer directly

Using clickers, or using their own smart phones, tablets or laptops.

Get the results in real-time

The results of your polls are sent back to you in real-time, and can even be integrated into your slide show.

Pedagogical opportunities


See how many of the students answed corret on your questions.


Anonymously collect honest responses to questions.


Incorporate knowledge checks throughout a presentation to monitor understanding.


Use clicker results for direct student assessment.

From teacher to teacher

I would describe my approach to teaching as very much focusing on the students learning and engagement. That’s why I often organize a number of activities in class, among others classroom polling, in order to stimulate and promote a very interactive environment.

Dario Pozzolio

Department of Digitalization, CBS

How to use TurningPoint Cloud

Teachers at CBS have free access TurningPoint Cloud. 

To get an overall impression of how to use TurningPoint Cloud, watch the video on the left.

Getting started

To get started, you need to complete two steps:
  1. First go to the TurningPoint Cloud website and create an account
  2. When your account is set up, you need to request a license from our consultant, Rikke Nielsen at rn.tl@cbs.dk 
How to use

We have created a Learn project room that easily gives you an overview of what TurningPoint Cloud can offer and how to get started.

Book clickers

Personal support

We at Teaching & Learning want to make it easy for you to discover the many possibilities that TurningPoint Cloud offers.

Therefore, if you need further support in making your TurningPoint slides that suits your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us for personal support.

Personal support:
Rikke Nielsen