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Google Docs

Google Docs is a free web-based office suite for collaborative work.

Google Docs consists of the following tools:

Google Docs

Collaborative writing and text editing

Google Sheets

Excel-style spreadsheets

Google Slides

PowerPoint-style presentations and slideshows

Google Forms

Surverys, quizzes and data collection

Ideas for using Google Docs in your Classes

Strengthen your student's study skills

Divide students in groups and let them write together in the same Google document about how they formerly have learned things well. The document could be shared with another peer group afterwards for discussion and for providing good advices about study-skills to each other. Ask them to prepare 10 tips in a Google presentation to present in class.

Supporting student's learning strategies with "question banks"

Encourage students to ask themselves what they may be expected to do with the study material, content, exercises etc. Make them identify reasonable questions and write them down collaboratively in a shared Google document, so they can start answering the questions for themselves and practising oral answers.

Encouraging students to read actively

Spend the last 30 minutes of a lecture getting students to work collaboratively in groups, writing questions in a shared Google document for the articles or book chapters they are going to read before the upcoming lecture. Students can use the questions when reading to "read with focus".

Getting feedback about students learning

Create a questionnaire with Google Forms in order to get students to reflect on their learning. Ask questions for them to provide you with feedback on different topics and categorise into “I understand completely”, “I understand more or less” and “I don’t understand”.

Bridge the gap between courses

Get students to work in groups and draw together themes from other courses and discuss how the themes are related to themes in your course. Ask them to work collaboratively in a shared Google Presentation and produce slides to present in class. Students can work in “virtual groups” in shared documents, so they don’t need to sit beside each other.

Share feedback on assignments

Write your feedback on a tutorial or assignment in a Google document and share it in Learn. You can ask students to work on it in groups, when you meet in class to get their inputs on things they can improve and practice by themselves.

Getting started

To get started with Google Docs, you need to sign up for a Google Account.

When your account has been succesfully set up, go to docs.google.com to get started.

For further information on how to use Google Docs, visit this introductory website, or contact Teaching & Learning for personal support.

Personal support

At Teaching & Learning we want to make it easy for you to discover the many possibilities that Google Docs offer. Therefore, if you need support in designing a virtual classroom that suits your specific needs, please to not hesitate to contact us for personal support.

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