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Panopto is an educational video tool.

It can be used for recording all sorts of educational videos, e.g. screen recordings, webcam recordings, spoken PowerPoints and recording of lectures. Panopto can even be used to record PodCasts as well.

video as a teaching tool

Blended learning

Use videos to blend your teaching in a pedagogically valuable manner.

Student recordings

Make your students share their knowledge and present their work to each other.


Create in-video quizzes to assess students' knowledge and understanding.

Recording formats

Panopto can be used to record a wide variety of video (and audio) formats.

Spoken PowerPoints

Record presentations of slides in PowerPoint or Apple Keynote.

Screen Recording

Show or explain a program, a model or formula in e.g. Excel

Webcam Recording

Give an assignment or get feedback through a webcam recording

Recording of lectures

Record your lectures or other teaching activities and share them with students online.


Record and share podcasts with your students.

Feedback recorded in Panopto Mobile APP

Annotation in Powerpoint

Spoken powerpoint

Talking head + screen recording

Annotation on iPad with Apple pen

Discussions in panopto

Getting started

To get started using Panopto, complete the following 2 steps.

Step 1

Go to cbs.hosted.panopto.com and login with your CBS credentials.

Step 2

Click the download button in the upper right corner of the window.

Tips & tricks

For tips & tricks and tutorials on how to get started, go to the Panopto Project Room on CBS Learn.

Personal Support

We at Teaching & Learning want to make it easy for you to discover the many possibilities that Panopto offers. Therefore, if you need support that suits your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us for personal support.

Personal support:
Mads Larsen
(+45) 3815 3824