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Prezi is a service for creating visually captivating presentations.

What is unique about Prezi is the ability to create non-linear presentations. Prezi offers a web-based solution for visual story-telling – an alternative to traditional slide-based presentations such as PowerPoint. Prezi's non-linear design allows you to create a more filmic flow with a strong visual appeal and a surprising structure.

Prezi in action

Prezi is probably perhaps best explained by watching it in action.

For new users, we recommend watching the video below for a brief introduction.


Prezi can be used in a wide vareity of ways and offers many advanced features.

Watch this video to get inspiration on how to create an approaching presentation using Prezi


To get started go to Prezi's website and sign up for a free account.

Learning to use prezi

Prezi's website contains various templates and tutorials to help you get started.

CBS Teaching & Learning's guide Get Started With Prezi may be useful as well.

Press Design Strategies introduces you to various strategies and approaches to your Prezi design.