CBS Teaching & Learning is responsible for the provision of CBS' Assistant Professor Programme. The objective of the AP-Programme is to contribute to the ppetence of the assistant professor, enabling him/her to become an excellent teacher and course manager in his/her future career as associate or full professor at CBS and other universities.

Of course, developing the teaching competence of assistant professors cannot be seen solely as the result of a study programme. Competency development of this nature depends to a very large extent on the assistant professors’ engagement in and willingness to learn from the actual practice of teaching.

As a result, the key task of the assistant professor programme is to facilitate and challenge such practices. The programme is mandatory for assistant professors employed by CBS.

The objective of the programme spans four dimensions, namely

  • The personal dimension,
  • The pedagogical dimension,
  • The teaching practice dimension, and
  • The developmental dimension.

The first three of these dimensions mainly relate to the way the assistant professor handles teaching proper, which is primarily evident in planning (overall and detailed) of teaching activities, whereas the latter dimension addresses the assistant professor’s development potential as a teacher.

In order to complete the assistant professor programme, the assistant professor must participate in pedagogical courses, write two papers and - based on peer supervision of his/her teaching - obtain a positive evaluation of his/her teaching competencies:

1st Month Within 2 months Within a half year Within 1 year
The assistant professor is automatically enrolled in the AP-Programme by department upon employment. T&L Secretary informs AP about assigned supervisor. The AP discuss appointment of departmental advisor with head of department and informs T&L secretary about the result. AP fills out three year plan and sets up initial meeting with departmental advisor and supervisor. AP hands in Assignment 1 to supervisor and receives feedback.
Within 1.5 year Within 1.5 year Within 20 months 2 Months later
The assistant professor must have completed all teaching observations made by supervisor and departmental advisor. The assistant professor must have completed all required AP-Programme courses. The assistant professor hands in porfolio to supervisor and receives feedback. Upon completion of all the prior steps, the supervisor and departmental advisor write an assessment of the AP's teaching competencies. The assessment and AP-Programme certificate are sent to the AP by the T&L secretary,

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