Applied Autonomy

Many business executives are interested in making their companies adaptable and innovative - and this often implies a wish to increase the commitment of their employees.

But how can a leader stimulate and make use of the employees’ autonomy?

One of the findings from the research project From Big Data to Big Business is that autonomy often creates good and directly measurable results (Ritter, Pedersen and Sørensen, 2017). This serves as the background for this practical guide. However, autonomy is also a phenomenon that few leaders possess comprehensive and explicit knowledge about.

This user-oriented guide presents tools and examples which can inspire leaders to encourage and apply autonomy to strengthen the competitiveness of companies. Our ambition is not to specify one single approach applicable to all organisations – but rather to give inspiration for how to tailor an approach suitable for exactly your organisation.

The Practioner’s guide is also available in Danish

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