Job Search Academy

Job Search Academy

Denmark needs international talent now and in the future.
So do you want to stay and work in Denmark?

Job Search Academy is a targeted development programme for full degree international students at CBS and graduates from CBS, who:

  • want to stay and work in Denmark, but are uncertain how to get started and land a job.
  • want to explore the possibility of staying and working in Denmark, but have not decided yet.

Job Search Academy is designed to give you the foundation for deciding why you want to stay, what you want to do and how to approach it. Furthermore, the programme aims to stimulate the motivation and energy it takes to succeed in landing that first job in Denmark, whether it is a student position, an internship or a full time position.

We strongly encourage you to apply if you are motivated and willing to dedicate the time and effort it takes to participate. We are offering the tools and guidance, but you yourself will have to take both responsibility and action regarding your own employability on the Danish job market.  

With a combination of workshops, online tools and inspiration, and networking possibilities, we have created a flexible programme for you to follow at your own pace. All activities are designed specifically for international graduate students aiming to stay and work in Denmark. All activities will be in English. Please note that there is a limited number of open spots for the workshops.

In addition, you can engage in all the other career related services offered by CBS Careers, such as open counselling, workshops and events. 

The programme starts in March 2018 with workshops running on an ongoing basis until 2019. The flexible booking system is available online here on our blog – you just have to apply by following the instructions below.

What Job Search Academy offers you

  • A focused and flexible development programme including four themed classroom workshops; the workshops will be facilitated by an experienced career counsellor, creating a dynamic and confidential learning environment among “equals” based on action learning and group discussions around key questions and “pains”.
  • A professional toolbox for personal insights and professional development (based on Insights©Discovery Profile)
  • An online learning environment giving you access to:
    • A career toolbox strengthening your job search, application process and “onboarding” in the job
    • Relevant information and inspiration supporting your efforts to stay and work in Denmark
    • A network of international students and alumni for further inspiration, discussion, voluntary mentoring etcetera

Application process and ongoing deadlines

We encourage you to apply for Job Search Academy if you match the following criteria:
You are:

  • a full degree international master student at CBS or graduate from CBS
  • interested in and/or currently looking for job opportunities on the Danish job market
  • highly motivated and ready to learn and develop new skills
  • able to dedicate the time needed, show up, participate and practice in and between workshops using the blended learning environment
  • curious and open minded

Searching for and landing a job in Denmark can be a full-time job in itself. It takes time and demands focus, involvement, continuous work, and ongoing reflection. Therefore, we expect you to engage yourself in the workshops and dedicate time for preparations and hands-on practice if you apply for this programme. Your active participation and contributions are important for a successful process for yourself and the other participants.

Please apply by following the bottom above.

Please note that there is a limited number of open spots for the workshops.