(Download) ALIGNMENT²: Driving Competitiveness and Growth through Business Model Excellence

Description: Business model innovation, business model development, and business model revitalization are hot topics in many, if not all, firms. A central challenge for all firms is aligning the various parts of their business models. In fact, getting the pieces of the puzzle to fit seems to be the major issue. Regardless of whether the firm is looking for investments, submitting a project proposal for board approval, conducting a strategic business review, running a strategy-development workshop, or introducing the business to colleagues and friends, executives must be able to describe the business model in a short and precise manner. In addition, they need to be able to explain how the various parts connect, how the ends meet, and how the entire business model is aligned.

The book offers several tools useful for finding answers to the central questions executives face:
- How can I best describe my business?
- What are the central elements of my  business model?
- How do I analyze whether the parts fit together?
- How do I identify business-optimization and business-development opportunities?

For more than 10 years, CBS Professor Thomas Ritter has analyzed and described the business models of small, medium and large organizations active in a wide variety of industries, including air travel, manufacturing, chemical engineering, and retail. This work has led to the development of the “business model alignment square” – the book’s key tool. The book offers tools and frameworks for analyzing and developing all central elements of the business model. Each of these tools can be easily included in firms’ workshops and meetings.

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In collaboration with CBS Executive we offer courses on business models, development and disruption. Watch Professor Thomas Ritters presentation on the course below - and contact Kim Pedersen from CBS Executive for further information.