The Craft of Research Workshop

The CBS Library runs an ongoing workshop for undergraduates and master’s students who would like to improve their academic skills. We can help you develop your ability as a reader of the scholarly literature and as a writer of scholarly prose. If you’re a CBS student you may already have heard of us, either because your teachers have told you about us, or because we have been invited into your class to tell you what we have to offer.

You are of course always welcome to ask for help as the need arises, but if you would like to work on your skills in a more structured way, consider enrolling in the workshop. It is completely free and comes with no obligation to participate. You decide how much to put into it from week to week. You can get feedback on your own writing, as well see how your fellow students are doing. This is a great opportunity to demystify the problem of academic writing, realizing that we all struggle with similar issues, and that there’s often no one right way to solve the problem.

The workshop also addresses issues related to searching the literature and citing your sources. Mette Bechmann and Joshua Kragh Bruhn will offer useful advice about how to use the wide range of databases and referencing tools to make your library research more efficient, more effective and more enjoyable. These skills can then be easily integrated into your own writing process.

The workshop lets you work on topics of your own choosing, and from week to week we will suggest particular reading and writing exercises that will sharpen your eye for what you can practice going forward.

The workshop runs for 8 weeks each semester. Enrollment opens in August and December.