I hold regular workshops for undergraduate and masters students, as well as doctoral students and full-time faculty. I ask that participants familiarize themselves with my approach before attending, either by reading about Writing Process Reengineering, or watching or attending the “How to Write” lecture. Many students will also have been introduced to my approach in their classes. This is also sufficient background to attend the workshops.

In all cases, we collectively read and edit individual paragraphs that have been composed by participants during deliberate writing moments. We assume that the paragraph has a key sentence and a rhetorical posture and we set about to clarify and strengthen these. Our aim is not to render judgment on the writing but to provide the writer with an experience of being read that will be of use to them going forward. Participants are welcome to return as often as they like.

Undergraduates and masters students can sign up for the workshops through the CBS Library course calendar.

Doctoral students and faculty can sign up using the course calendar for researchers.