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The One Where We Went To Culture Night


Today’s writer:
Karina Kim
1st year Masters student in International Marketing and Management
Joined ISA this fall recruitment session

One of the biggest reasons to join ISA is that it’s an easy way to become friends with a hugely diverse group of people. As International Student Ambassadors, we try and look for local events to make memories and experience Danish culture together. One of these events was the Culture Night from a few weeks ago.

Here is a brief look at how ISA members like to procrastinate together – Culture Night edition

The streets were a nightmare of bustling bodies and public transportation was hell on earth, but because we paid for a ticket (one person didn’t, but we’ll get there) our little group of ISA members had no choice but to try and be cultured.

The evening started off with me making the pilgrimage from my dormitory in Hvidovre to the center of the city to meet my favourite French ISA lady, Mathilde. On the way over I got obliterated by the hordes of humans and it took me an hour longer than expected (Je suis désolé Mathilde, je t’aime).

My lovely view on the metro en route to meeting Mathilde

After hanging out for some time, we decided to try and actually experience some culture and made our way towards Glyptotek, where we planned to meet up with a few other ISA members. The sky had darkened and the air was feeling decidedly Danish (windy and cold) so the previously stifling crowds instead added a warmth and liveliness to the crisp evening.

The walk to Glyptotek

Upon arrival at Glyptotek, we waited for our members by taking some heavily filtered photos of the interior. The  photos don’t do the place justice. If anyone hasn’t been, it really is worth a trip. Tip: Tuesdays are free entrance!

Taking pseudo-aesthetic photos of the art near the lobby while waiting for ISA members

After a few minutes of trying and failing to figure out the lighting (beautiful mood lighting in person, way too dark on camera, too awkward to brazenly use flash in the middle of a sea of people) we found a few fellow ISA friends.

Only love and affection between Raluca & Helene

Our group now consisted of a small group of ladies: Emilie, Mathilde, Raluca, Helena, and myself. Reunited, we were ready to go an some cultural adventures. A few of us were excited for the advertised Odilon Redon: Into the Dream exhibit, so off we went to check it out.

Into the dream!

Overall, the exhibition did not disappoint. The drawings themselves were, surreal, somewhat dark, and with all the little faces, sometimes a bit adorable? They made you wonder what kind of person the artist was, as well as how strange your dreams would look if I could actually draw them out (“could”, because my artistic ability is decidedly nonexistent).

The exhibition was organized into different sections, and we made sure to read about and try and appreciate each one.

After a bit of wandering around the museum, we came across a silent disco. There was a long queue for headphones, but somehow Helene magicked up a pair (still not sure how she did that). I had never experienced a silent disco before so it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

We also found a stairwell and ran up to the top to find a beautiful view of the city at night. Unfortunately, our photo shows none of this view, but we had a blast taking it so that’s what matters?

Unclear what’s going on, but clearly we’re having fun

Back in the lobby, we collected another ISA friend, Isabel. After a short washroom break, we found our group gaining some gender diversity, with ISA members Diego and Caspar joining the mix. We ran into a slight problem when Caspar admitted he didn’t purchase a Culture Night ticket, which meant he couldn’t experience all the events with us. We were considering throwing him out a window and continuing on with our journey, but somehow he was blessed with a free ticket from a friend who was going home. (As nice as this was, we would recommend future attendees buy a ticket).

We decided to make our next stop the synagogue, so we headed off in that direction. On our way, we ran into a live music performance, where they had coffee to fuel your light night adventures. Below is a very short and uninformative clip of this pit-stop.

Upon arrival at the synagogue, we found that there was a long queue. Unanimously agreeing upon our lack of patience we quickly gave up on this idea, but Kobenhavns Hovedbibliotek was very close by and we could see some sort of event going on inside. Lured by the promise of warmth and chairs, we made our way into the library and found ourselves listening to a beautiful live accordion & piano duet. This was personally the highlight of my night.

It wouldn’t be right to not go to the Round Tower on such a culture-centric night, so we braved the long crawl up to the beautiful night view at the top. Once again, we have no pictures of the view, but we do have this somewhat scary photo of Diego.

No thank you, Diego!

There was also some sort of live performance inside the tower! Unfortunately we didn’t stick around for most of it, as most of us, including myself, didn’t understand what was being said.

We were all a bit tired from a long night of cultural adventures and wound up sitting at a park for a long while, watching youtube videos and just enjoying each other’s company. It was past midnight when I got home, but that goes to show how quickly time goes by when you’re having fun with great people. (Join ISA woooooo)

All in all, it was a memorable night of culture and friends, and I would 110% do it again (maybe minus walking up the round tower because I struggle with the stairs at graduate house).

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