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Cherry Blossoms’ season in Copenhagen




taken by ISA’s Insta queen Anna


Spring time always appear to me as the season of renewal and it makes me want to go out and enjoy the outdoors every single year, especially since I am living in Copenhagen. I am still not completely used to the winter. Since a few weeks, we have been incredibly lucky with the weather. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and everyone is in a good mood. In order to fully enjoy Spring, ISA team members and some of their friends went to see the Cherry blossoms.

To be completely honest, at first, it seemed odd to me to go see the cherry blossoms here, as it is not really known as a Danish tradition. I associated them automatically with Japan. Cherry blossoms (Sakura) are in fact the national flower of Japan and when it comes to the Sakura season, the Japanese are not joking around. In Japanese, you have a word for it, “Hanami”, which literally translated means “looking at the flowers”. People would gather under the Sakura trees, picnic and spend quality time with their friends and families; if they are lucky enough and manage to find a spot to sit. But as you know now and will discover in this post is that you do not need to buy an expensive ticket and travel that far to appreciate the beauty of these flowers because ISA has your back and we went scouting the city to find the best Hanami spots out there !


1- Bispebjerg Kirkegård/ Bispebjerg Cementery


taken by me


Though quite far from the city center, this place is by far the most popular to see the cherry blossoms. Surprisingly it was really pleasant to walk through the greenery of the park during our quest for the Sakuras, even though it is a cemetery. We were walking for around 5 min (the way for the cherry blossoms is indicated), then we could finally (over dramatizing a bit) see the pink shades of the flowers. And oh boy, it was beautiful, though by getting closer and closer it started to be more and more crowded. Even if it was only a Tuesday I visited, I would recommend you to avoid going on the weekends. But if you need a “shot” of pure Spring, this sight would for sure satisfy you, the alley of the cemetery has Cherry trees from both sides on all its length, which gives the impression that you are going under a tunnel, which has flowery, pink walls. The Spring sun rays go through the flowers and make it even prettier that you (almost) forget about the crowd around you, taking selfies and photos. Also, honestly at this precise moment, after enjoying the beauty of the flowers, we wanted to take photos as well. We then took the mandatory selfie for Instagram, and went on for the walk. Please note as well, that Cherry blossoms trees are really fragile, it withers really fast and just touching the flowers could get the trees sick as even if only a small part of the tree is damaged. It will propagate and then kill the tree completely. So when taking pictures or walking around, stay aware of the beauty around you and not to damage it, even not purposefully.


taken by ISA’s cutest member Katazyna
  • Where: Frederiksborgvej 125, 2400 København.
  • How: 20 minutes by bus (6A) from Nørreport.


2- Langelinie Parken/ Langelinie Park


taken by Katazyna


It’s much smaller than Bispebjerg cemetery, but this park is closer to the city center so it is more convenient to commute there and when you are done enjoying the cherry blossoms, you can go see the famous Little Mermaid. That’s a two birds with one stone kind of touristy deal. But you shouldn’t choose a place over another if you have time. That’s because at Langelinie Park, the cherry blossoms are actually another kind of Sakura and the flowers are white but certainly not less pretty and enjoyable. Also, there are many tourists going there because of its proximity with the city center, but it is the season after all. In this park, a Sakura festival takes place every year, you can discover more about the Japanese culture as the event which has workshops and cultural activities around the Hanami context.



  • Where: 
  • How: 15min from Kongens Nytorv (bus 1A)
  • Event: Sakura Festival 2019 Facebook event /Website



We hope that you guys will go visit these places and enjoy the Hanami season as much as we did, we had a lot of fun discovering more about the city. We would like to encourage you to do the same, and if you are running out of adventurous ideas to experience in Copenhagen, do not hesitate to visit ISA’s blog again as our articles will continue to be informative and showing you different sides of our dear city.


Written by Mathilde G./ISA

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