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Welcome to CBS

The entire ISA team wholeheartedly congratulates all first year students with the happy news of being admitted at Copenhagen Business School. 

Indeed, it is a great event as it marks the beginning of at least two years of a student’s life. We can tell you that it will be full of effort, exploration, achievements, but also frustration, tiredness, crazy parties, new acquaintances and lots of fun. 

Some of you will move to Denmark and will become full-degree international students. ISA is always happy to provide you relevant information about life and work in Denmark as well as study at CBS. To start, below you can find some tips and practical information. 

Practical information 

  • Don’t forget to confirm your enrollment. 

We all know that this moment can be full of emotion. However, it is your responsibility to confirm the study place, which has been allocated to you.

  • Sign up for the welcome event organized for international full-degree students.

You can do it by following this link:

  • Check the ‘Housing’ and ‘Working in Denmark’ section on our blog.

We recommend you to get as informed as possible and start looking for accommodation in Copenhagen as soon as possible.

  • Subscribe to our Facebook and Instagram to be updated with all events that will take place starting from September. These include Nexus quiz nights, social evenings and many, many other interesting events where you can network, have fun and make new friends.

What to expect next

Once you find yourself ready to embark on your CBS life, you will have the chance to join the Intro Days. These have a different format depending on whether you will study a bachelor or a master degree as well as the study program you are in. During the Intro Days you will learn about the facilities of the university, get information about your future lectures and spend time with your fellow students. We recommend you to participate at the Intro Days. However, we do know that international students might find it slightly more challenging than the ones who are based in Copenhagen. If you are not able to attend the Intro Days do not get anxious. We can tell from our experience that the first month of study is intense for everyone since it requires processing a lot of new information. You should get lively and cheerful, committed and patient. The best is yet to come!

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