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Copenhagen is a great city to live in but finding housing is difficult and may end up being a long journey. While it is difficult basically all year round, it is especially tough in the summer months (August and September) when university programs start and Danish students, as well as students from all over world, are trying to find a place to live. January also happens to be a tough month to find housing as it is when many exchange students arrive.

Here is the good news: most students find an accommodation before arriving and starting their studies in Copenhagen. But if you are not able to find something straight away, don’t panic! You can always book an Airbnb or hostel in the first days, weeks or even month.

Here are some links and tips that might help you find housing:

1) Housing Websites
Look at offerings on and There is a monthly fee you have to pay but you can cancel anytime if you find a place to live.

2) Facebook Groups
When it comes to housing Facebook groups, we can recommend these five:

  1. Lejligheder, værelser til leje og udleje i KBH V. NV. Ø. N. og K.
  2. Housing in Copenhagen (private Group – need to apply)
  3. Lejeboliger til unge og studerende, gratis og sikkert.
  4. Accommodation in Copenhagen (Private Group- need to apply)
  5. Copenhagen Accommodations

If you see a post about a room or apartment you like, you have to be fast. If you already see that 10 or 20 people have commented on a post, chances are very low that the person with the offer even replies to you. In these groups, you can also look for rooms that students rent out while they are abroad. This is only a temporary solution but will help you eventually find the dream apartment you want, if you want to stay long-term. However, beware of scammers on these Facebook groups!

3) CPR
Surely you have heard about the “CPR” number that you will have to apply for once you reach Copenhagen and have found an accommodation. Get a place that offers CPR registration, as you need a CPR for basically everything, for example to open a bank account or if you intend on applying for SU.

4) The Decision
After you have visited some apartments or rooms, (do not be too picky about the location since everything is quite close to each other in Copenhagen) make a decision as quickly as possible. The competition is on!

5) Beware of Scams
Beware of offers that seem unrealistic — there is a high likelihood that they are scams. A normal price for living in the inner parts of Copenhagen is around 5000-6000 D​KK. Also, always listen to your gut – if you have the feeling that something is weird about the offer, landlord, roommate, or anything else, don’t sign the contract or transfer a high deposit upfront and look for something better. Also, don’t fall for scammers who are not able to show you the apartment but want you to sign the contract or pay the deposit. It is important that you pay via a bank or wire transfer so that there is documentation of the transaction— do not pay in cash.

6) Be Patient
This one is crucial for succeeding to find housing. Some people may find a place to live in two weeks, for some it may take a month or two. Also, be prepared to not receive replies to all the e-mails and messages you send. But don’t give up, you will find something eventually!

We hope our tips will help you out finding a great place to live, so that you can enjoy your time in Copenhagen!