Journal Publications

Conference Papers

  • Margaryan, A. (2019). The relationship between the nature of tasks and workplace learning practices in crowdwork. In Proceedings of the Researching Work and Learning 2019 Conference, University of Giessen, Germany.
  • Guile, D., Margaryan, A., Krzywdzinski, M., & Meske, Ch. (2019). New modes of digital production: Issues of autonomy, immaterial expertise and crowdwork. International Symposium, Researching Work and Learning 2019 Conference, Giessen, Germany.
  • Pinkerton, L., Brooke, S., Davies, H., Margaryan, A., & Lehdonvirta, V. (2019). Skills formation and skills matching in online platform work. In Proceedings of the British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2019, Glasgow, UK.

Policy and Project Reports

  • Lehdonvirta, V., Margaryan, A.,  Davies, H., Larke, L., & Albert, J. (November, 2019). Skill formation and skill matching in online platform work: Practices and policies to support crowdworkers’ continuous learning. Final report, CrowdLearn project, Cedefop.
  • Lehdonvirta, V., Margaryan, A., Davies, H., Larke, L., Brooke, S., & Albert, J. (May, 2019). Report on crowdworker interview: Typology and Case studies. Skill formation and skill matching in online platform work: Policies and practices for promoting crowdworkers’ continuous learning (CrowdLearn) project, Deliverable II.2, Cedefop European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • Margaryan, A., Gadiraju, U., & Charlton-Czaplicki, T. (2020). Learning and skill development in online platform work: Comparing microworkers’ and online freelancers’ practices.Cedefop CrowdLearnPlus final project report, Copenhagen Business School and Delft University of Technology.
  • Zambach S., Franck M., Møller Nielsen M. & Kjærgaard A.: Survey of educators’ and students’ experiences during the COVID-19 lockdown: