Journal Publications

Margaryan, A. (2019). Workplace learning in crowdwork: Comparing microworkers’ and online freelancers’ practices. Journal of Workplace Learning, 31(4), 250-273.

Margaryan, A. (2019). Comparing crowdworkers’ and conventional knowledge workers’ self-regulated learning strategies in the workplace. Human Computation, 6(1), 83-97.

Conference Papers

Margaryan, A. (2019). The relationship between the nature of tasks and workplace learning practices in crowdwork. In Proceedings of the Researching Work and Learning 2019 Conference, University of Giessen, Germany.

Guile, D., Margaryan, A., Krzywdzinski, M., & Meske, Ch. (2019). New modes of digital production: Issues of autonomy, immaterial expertise and crowdwork. International Symposium, Researching Work and Learning 2019 Conference, Giessen, Germany.

Pinkerton, L., Brooke, S., Davies, H., Margaryan, A., & Lehdonvirta, V. (2019). Skills formation and skills matching in online platform work. In Proceedings of the British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2019, Glasgow, UK.

Policy and Project Reports

Lehdonvirta, V., Margaryan, A.,  Davies, H., Larke, L., & Albert, J. (November, 2019). Skill formation and skill matching in online platform work: Practices and policies to support crowdworkers’ continuous learning. Final report, CrowdLearn project, Cedefop.

Lehdonvirta, V., Margaryan, A., Davies, H., Larke, L., Brooke, S., & Albert, J. (May, 2019). Report on crowdworker interview: Typology and Case studies. Skill formation and skill matching in online platform work: Policies and practices for promoting crowdworkers’ continuous learning (CrowdLearn) project, Deliverable II.2, Cedefop European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, Thessaloniki, Greece.