Blended learning provides new opportunities to engage students outside the classroom and in between classroom sessions. Face-to face teaching creates a necessary social space for discussion, questions and joint exploration as well as analysis and reflection. Hereby blended learning combines the best features of on-line and face-to-face teaching.

Five reasons for applying blended learning at CBS

  1. Blended learning provides new opportunities for activating students as well as of giving feedback of their work. It increases student performance, motivation and learning outcome
  2. Blended learning helps to make efficient use of the time that students spend on learning when they are together in a classroom as well as when they are online
  3. Blended learning provides an online learning environment, which offers new opportunities for students outside the classroom
  4. Blended learning provides an opportunity to support CBS’ strong international profile, creating virtual classrooms for students at partner universities and thus the option of offering classes across national borders
  5. Blended learning represents a means to ensure practice-oriented teaching