Coming up: NeEDS Modelling Week at EURO PhD School, Universidad de Sevilla, July 10-19, 2020


10-19 July 2020, at the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Seville

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The EURO PhD School (EPS) will focus on giving participants advanced training on Data Driven Decision Making.

The EURO PhD School (EPS) will be focused on giving participants advanced training on the use of Data Science to aid Data Driven Decision Making. There will be two main components in this EPS. First, methodological training on the role of Mathematical Optimization in Data Science will be given in the format of lectures and computer workshops. The lectures will highlight the mathematical modelling and numerical optimization behind data analysis and data visualization tools. The computer workshops will put this knowledge in action. Second, applications of the acquired knowledge to the modeling of specific industrial problems will be presented by professionals from industry and worked out by the PhD students. Mathematical models and numerical solution approaches will be developed and communicated, following a collaborative approach, in which the PhD students will work in small groups under the guidance of the instructors.


Chairs of the Scientific Committee

Prof. Emilio Carrizosa

IMUS-Institute of Mathematics of the University of Seville, Spain


Prof. Dolores Romero Morales

Copenhagen Business School, Denmark