Servitization Project

The project is a 4 year applied research project supported by The Danish Industry Foundation and will be carried out in close collaboration with Danish companies.

The project is organised around three themes which address key questions for managers:

  1. Servitization as a global competitive strategic response – why embark on servitization?
  2. Design and innovation for servitization – what is needed to realize servitization?
  3. The processes of servitization transformation – how to implement servitization?

Our approach to this project is applied research in close collaboration with companies, from the perspectives of operations management with particular focus on strategy, innovation and implementation. Within the three themes we address a range of topics which includes innovating business models, development of new services, managing the adoption of new technologies, development of capabilities and aligning incentives within and across organisations. We emphasise using participative methods and distribution of knowledge throughout the project.

We welcome collaboration with businesses and academics interested in the field. Please contact us at