CBS recommends using Microsoft Teams, if you want to host a live conference with your students (e.g. a lecture or supervision). Microsoft Teams a live, online video conferencing tool that allows you to have video and audio communication with your students or colleagues. Microsoft Teams can hold up to 250 students at a time and the sessions can be recorded. Microsoft Teams is also integrated with Canvas.

Below we have listed guides on how to make use of Microsoft Teams for your convenience.

Quick Start Guide to Microsoft Teams

New to Microsoft Teams for Education? Use this guide to learn the basics.

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Recording your teaching in Microsoft Teams and how to share it with your students

This guide will show you how you can record your online session in Teams and how you can share the recording with your students.

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Guide on how to create a Microsoft Teams link in Canvas

This guide is for teachers who want to create a link for their students to an online Teams session.

Watch video guide here

How to create and invite to a Teams meeting with your colleagues

This guide will show you how to invite your colleagues to an online Teams meeting.

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Join a Microsoft Teams Meeting

This guide will show you (and your students) how to join a Teams meeting room.

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Guidelines for the examiner, second examiner/ or external censors on online oral exams in Teams

This guide is for examiners and censors who are conducting online exams in Microsoft Teams.

Guidelines for examiners on online oral exams

Student guide: How students can create a group Teams meeting in Canvas

This guide is for students who want to create groups and group Teams meetings in Canvas. NB: You can attach this guide to your students in Canvas.

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Tutorial Video about oral exams via Teams:

Danish: Webinar: Online eksamination i afsluttende opgave

English: Webinar: Online oral final exams