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Panopto is an educational video tool.

It can be used for recording all sorts of educational videos, e.g. screen recordings, webcam recordings, spoken PowerPoints and recording of lectures. Panopto can even be used to record PodCasts as well.

video as a teaching tool

Blended learning

Use videos to blend your teaching in a pedagogically valuable manner.

Student recordings

Make your students share their knowledge and present their work to each other.


Create in-video quizzes to assess students' knowledge and understanding.

Recording formats

Panopto can be used to record a wide variety of video (and audio) formats.

Spoken PowerPoints

Record presentations of slides in PowerPoint or Apple Keynote.

Screen Recording

Show or explain a program, a model or formula in e.g. Excel

Webcam Recording

Give an assignment or get feedback through a webcam recording

Recording of lectures

Record your lectures or other teaching activities and share them with students online.


Record and share podcasts with your students.

Panopto Mobile APP

Use the Panopto Mobile APP for simple recordings "on-the-go". You can use it to present a location or a specific object. You can also use it to provide students with collective feedback though out the semester.

Annotation in Powerpoint

This feature can be useful if you want to annotate on slides. You can either annotate on blank slides or on top of pre-filled slides. As an example you can use this an explain how to make a calculation, elaborate on a model or draw attention to words or phrases in your presentation.

Spoken PowerPoint

You can do a spoken PowerPoint with or without camera. This means that you talk and be seen while moving through your slides.

Talking head & Screen Recording

You can mix different recording formats. In this case we have mixed a talking head with screen recording allowing you to present YouTube videos, webpages or even quizzes as you move forward in your oral presentation

Annotation on iPad with Apple pen

You are not bound to record with Panopto. You can record with whatever program and device you like and then upload an MP4 file to Panopto. In this case, it is a screen recording with annotation made on an Ipad. Tis can be useful when you want to explain a model or theory.

Discussions in Panopto

Together with a colleague, you can make a conversation video where you discuss or elaborate on a topic. You can interview each other about a relevant topic in relation to the syllabus or make a “good cop, bad cop” on a theory or model.

Book trailer

You can introduce curriculum texts that the students should read. You can explain and motivate why they are important and talk about which points are particularly important to keep an eye on. You can also talk about in what context the text is used in relation to the course, and if it is important for the further work and understanding.

Getting started

To get started using Panopto, complete the following 2 steps.

Step 1

Go to cbs.hosted.panopto.com and login with your CBS credentials.

Step 2

Click the download button in the upper right corner of the window.

Learn more

For tips & tricks and tutorials on how to get started, go to the Panopto Project Room on CBS Canvas.


Please do not hesitate to contact Mads Larsen for technical and pedagogical support: