The Project Coordinator Cristiana Parisi (CBS), alongside Lucia Scopelliti (Municipality of Milan), and the Polifactory team were invited to the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) Research and Innovation Conference workshop during the Open Living Lab Days in Thessaloniki, Greece. The event hosted 120+ participants who partook in a large scale co-creation session reflecting on the main theme of the conference, co-creating innovation: scaling up from local to global. REFLOW met its counterpart within the European Commission and was provided an opportunity to collect positive feedback about the project.

The workshop targeted the transfer of knowledge across different programmes that cities and urban actors alongside teams of policy makers, academia, civil servants, and those in the private sector were working on to identify solutions to their shared and individual challenges. The event provided REFLOW with the recognition of its position as a best practice towards the integration of social aspects of the Circular Economy (CE) and exploring the measurement of CE practices from a broader perspective.