The three-day hybrid conference, Beautiful, Sustainable, Together: LIFE in the New European Bauhaus, welcomed the REFLOW Project Coordinator and Associate Professor (CBS), Cristiana Parisi, to join in on the conversation on urban transformations and the need for accelerating circular and regenerative transitions.

During the second day’s session on Circular Economy (CE), Cristiana Parisi shared REFLOW’s approach to CE and how we are co-creating circular and regenerative transitions across the six REFLOW pilot cities – Amsterdam, Berlin, Cluj-Napoca, Milan, Paris, and Vejle. Cristiana was joined alongside a panel of other circular projects, initiatives, and actors who share in the journey towards building a better future for everyone. The panelists engaged in fruitful discussions on Circular Economy exploring how regenerative approaches can create a dialogue between urban development and climate action, which cultural and social changes are needed to promote circularity in urban society and economy, and much more. The panel was moderated by Filip Van Den Abeele.

Beautiful, sustainable, together: LIFE in the New European Bauhaus
European Commission – Events, LIFE in the New European Bauhaus (2021)

About the Event and the New European Bauhaus

Beautiful, Sustainable, Together: LIFE in the New European Bauhaus is organised by NEEMO, the external monitoring team for the LIFE programme. The New European Bauhaus seeks to foster a movement and to transform our societies which are grounded in three core values: sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusion. The event aims to showcase leading examples of Horizon 2020 and LIFE projects that implement New European Bauhaus initiatives and values as a source of inspiration for future projects.

The event is ongoing, taking place from November 15 to 17. It brings together a mosaic of other projects, experts, journalists, and artists implementing people-centred approaches towards shaping a more beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive everyday life. You can join the event online here.